Monday, November 30, 2015

Precis Posted for Yelin Huang

Precis of Manifesto of The Communist Party

Joey Huang
Dale Carrico
Homo Economicus

The Communist Manifesto is the first programmatic document of international communist movement, by Marx and Engels. It elaborates the scientific socialism theory for the first time and points out that the communist movement has become an irresistible trend of history. Here are some conclusions from my own opinion:
Every historical period has its own way of production and exchanging, and both of these inevitably result the social structure, which is back to this historical period. The history only be explained only when people form their era of political, culture and spiritual according to their specific social structure.

The history of human society could be considered as “The History of class struggling” because differentiation between two classes could lead to conflict even war. Most of the times war means the end of an old time period and a beginning of a brand new society. If proletarians are not able to make the whole society to get rid of any exploitation, oppression, class divisions and class struggle, they can’t make themselves from the exploitation of the bourgeoisie.

Marx and Engels displayed a systemwhich is way too idealized for nowadays and the goal of the system is “to eliminate of private ownership, overthrow of bourgeois and to seizure the power by proletariat”. They believe that the only approach to finish this is to overthrow of all the existing capitalist system with violent revolution. To achieve this goal, proletarian have to take over all the capital assets step by step during the production process. Gaining all the materials and tools and increasing the amount of productivity as soon as possible. Also, they recommend 100% sincerity communists should not conceal their views or intention.

Manifesto of The Communist Party analyze the conflicts between productivity and production and the conflicts between economic basis and superstructure with dialectical materialism and historical materialism. It also talks about how class struggle form and develop in capitalist society, demon that shall perish capitalism and socialism is bound to the objective laws of victory. As the gravedigger of capitalism, proletariat is carrying the mission of world history.

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